hello i'm faun. i reblog fashion, vidya games, disney, art, and animals!!! sometimes there is personal/nsfw content.

I was milk-crisis

the lil bun was made for me by tumblr user yiq.

einen schönen Tag!

m i l k c r i s i s

faun. 19 JUL 91. usa

♥ moons, stars, planets, ice cream, bats, pixels, pups, xenomorphs

☆ the killers, shiina ringo, daft punk, deadmau5

☂ red dead redemption, devil may cry, samurai warriors, portal, left 4 dead, haunting ground, silent hill, bioshock, the walking dead, animal crossing, marvel vs capcom

❀ alien, prometheus, cabin in the woods, the iron giant, king of the hill, alien vs predator, madagascar (yes, I love that flippin series of movies leave me alone)

imagemy face and my stuff

 i live in maryland.

 im mixed black and polish.

 i am in a polygamous relationship with T.O.P, Chris Hemsworth, Jensen Ackles, and my boyfriend.

 i play the ukulele and the piano.

 i have four tattoos and plan on getting more.

 i like a lot of things, and my blog reflects that. i can guarantee you, however, you will always see me reblog fashion and art.

 i want to be a tattoo artist

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